Beware of Predatory Marketing

There are unscrupulous “FCC licensing” companies that believe you are a sucker and will fall for anything in order to avoid getting in trouble with the federal government. These businesses employ predatory marketing techniques that you have to watch for. Beware! Here at Mona Lee & Associates, we will always communicate transparently with our clients about required FCC and FAA fees.

  • Have you received a letter from “lawyers” claiming that they were the original people who applied for your FCC license? This may not be true. Investigate before giving them any money.
  • Have you received a letter from a company claiming to be “Federal” saying that you need to buy a copy of the FCC rules or you will be out of compliance? This is one of the worst scams out there. In my opinion, it’s no better than the shakedown artists who call vulnerable senior citizens and ask them to pay their taxes with a Visa gift card or else. The fact is, all of the most current rules are always available on the official FCC website FREE OF CHARGE.

The “FCC Expert” service you receive at Mona Lee & Associates will ensure that you are never taken advantage of and always dealt with fairly. Trust Mona Lee & Associates with all of your FCC and FAA licensing needs.