FCC Licensing Services


Mona Lee & Associates act as liaisons between our clients and  the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Federal  Aviation Administration (FAA) and we prepare and maintain the  documentation needed to conduct business with the federal  agencies.  We pride ourselves on making your job easier!

 ML&A provides ongoing monitoring of licenses per the clients'  requests and keep our clients informed of new rulings that may  affect their communications systems because compliance is  not a choice.

 Unlike many of our competitors, in the event of an emergency we  are available to our clients 24/7.  While most firms deal solely  with Part 90 and sometimes Part 101, our office offers a wide  range of services across the board.

​ Whether you require new authorizations,  modifications,  renewals or cancellations, ML&A will  see it through to the end.

ML&A can assist you with the following tasks, among  others


  • ​Part 17 - Antenna Structure
  • Part 25 - Satellite
  • Part 80 - Marine Coast
  • Part 87 - Aviation
  • Part 90 - Land Mobile
  • Part 101 - Private Microwave
  • License Management Services (LMS)
  • Acquiring an FRN
  • Filing construction notifications
  • Contour studies
  • Radio system coverage maps
  • Tower signage
  • Waivers
  • STAs
  • ​Engineering